In ministry to children and their families, we strive to provide a safe and loving atmosphere for all people.  We are partnering with parents – the Primary Faith Trainers – in their child’s spiritual journey.  It is our goal to equip you to help your children build on their faith, year after year, encouraging them to grow as faithful Christ followers.  We want to provide a ministry of peace to families.  Our Kids Ministry Staff members are here to serve you!


Preschool ● Babies thru 2's ● Preschool Area

Preschool Classes are provided during both hours.

Privacy Room ● Rm. A108
Bed Babies ● Rm. A110
Crawlers ● Rm. A111
Younger Toddlers ● Rm. A109
Older Toddlers ● Rm. A107
2's A ● Rm. A106
2's B ● Rm. A105

Preschool ● 3's and 4's ● Children's (C) Building

3's A ● Rm. C101
3's B ● Rm. C102
4 yr. olds A ● Rm. C103
4 yr. olds B ● Rm. C107

Preteens ● Grades 5 & 6 ● Children's (C) Building

5th & 6th Preteen Girls ● Rm. C209 (9:30am)
5th & 6th Preteen Boys ● Elementary Library (C210) (9:30am)
5th & 6th Preteens Combined ● Elementary Library (C210) (11:00am)

School Age ● Grades K thru 4 ● Children's (C) Building

Kindergarten A ● Rm. C105 (9:30am)
Kindergarten B ● Rm. C106 (9:30am)
1st Grade A ● Rm. C201 (9:30am)
1st Grade B ● Rm. C202 (9:30am)
2nd Grade A ● Rm. C203 (9:30am)
2nd Grade B ● Rm. C204 (9:30am)
3rd Grade A ● Rm. C205 (11:00am)
3rd Grade B ● Rm. C206 (11:00am)
4th Grade A ● Rm. C207 (11:00am)
4th Grade B ● Rm. C208 (11:00am)

Kids Worship Times                         

3rd-4th Grade Worship Service ● Kids Commons (9:30am)
K-2nd Grade Worship Service ● Kids Commons (11:00am)


Kids Club


Age Groups


In our preschool life groups at 9:30 and 11:00am, we strive to provide a safe and loving atmosphere for all children. Each class is staffed with at least two Adult leaders who have completed background screening information. We teach age-appropriate Bible lessons and verses, building foundational truths in the lives our our preschoolers. Fun activities are planned to support the Bible Lesson. 

Milestones 1 Logo - Colored Logo w/ picture

Milestone One:  Parent/Child Dedication

Becoming the Primary Faith Trainer
In bringing your baby or child to be dedicated, you are making a public commitment to be the parent God has called you to be.  The commitments you make at the ceremony will be the beginning of the journey with your child as you purposely lead them in a daily path that guides them to love the Lord God with all their heart, soul, mind, and strength.  There are 3 simple, intentional ways you can do this.  One is by having Faith Talks with your family.  The design is up to you but it is a weekly time for conversation around God's Word.  Then second thing is to Capture God Moments as you go through your day, pointing your child to our awesome God.  It might be discovering a beautiful flower that God created or pointing out how wonderfully we are created - but they are building blocks  to lead your child to Christ.   The third thing is to Celebrate the Milestones along the ways as your child matures in their faith.  Milestone One - Parent/Child Dedication is the celebration of the first step on the path.

School Age

In our school age life groups, we provide a safe environment for our Kindergarten - Fourth grade children, allowing them to increase in their knowledge of Biblical Truths as they learn "the Very Words of God." Each class is staffed with at least two Adult leaders who have completed background screening information. Children will continue to learn - who Jesus is, what it means to confess Christ, what it means to repent of sin, what is salvation and why they should be baptized. This is the age span where many children will walk through Milestone 2 - Salvation and Baptism. Life Groups are offered for Kindergarten-Second Grades @ 9:30am ---- 3rd and 4th grades @ 11am.

Milestone 2 Logo - Colored Logo w/ picture

Milestone Two:  Salvation and Baptism

Many years will pass between the time you bring your child for dedication and the time your child confesses Christ as their Savior (Salvation).  Your daily walk with God and your continuing influence as the primary faith trainer will have an impact in this decision - the beginning of their lifelong relationship with Jesus.  Key steps along the way will be for your child to recognize their own sin, their need to repent or turn away from that sin and ask God's forgiveness through Jesus Christ - the only way to Salvation.  Some time after this decision, you will guide your child to Baptism - the first step of obedience to God.  Baptism is not salvation, but it is a public demonstration of Christ's death, burial, and resurrection - and a declaration of your (child's) new life in Christ.  To be baptized by immersion - or going under the water - is the biblical method and the way Jesus was baptized.  You will want to mark this day by celebrating with a "Spiritual Birthday Party" of your own design.  Share this time with friends and family.  It can be as simple or elaborate as you choose, but the important thing is for your child to remember this milestone of Salvation and Baptism.


In our Preteen Ministry for 5th & 6th grade students, our kids build on the Biblical truths, lessons, and verses they have learned, continuing to make application of them in their lives. We realize in this age group that students are dealing with physical changes and influences from media and their peers. We will encourage them to stand up for their faith in Christ and practice the principles they have learned without fear or shame. Adult leaders who have completed required screening information will build relationships with them and guide them to live "God's Way." Our Preteen Life Groups will be offered at 9:30 and 11am, allowing these students to worship with their families (at 9:30 or 11).


Milestone 3 Logo - Colored Logo w/ picture


Milestone 3:  Preparing for Adolesence

Your intentionality with faith talks might become more difficult during the pre-adolescent years (9-12), but it is crucial as you help your child navigate through the changes in their physical bodies, their emotions, and their faith in Christ.  You will have to rethink how you connect with them.  This is the time to teach your growing child more about their identity in Christ and assure them that the changes they are experiencing physically and emotionally are all part of God's plan.  A family Road Trip is the celebration of Milestone three.  The purpose of the road trip is to design of fun weekend between father and son, or mother and daughter (if family structure allows) - something that would be appealing to your child.  As you travel to your destination,  you can use that time to purposely talk about changing body parts, puberty, emotions, and the importance of making choices that honor God.  This type of conversation flows more naturally as you have spent months (before road trip) pouring into your child with faith talks, God moments, and demonstrating what it means to be a devoted Christ follower.


We realize that God has fearfully and wonderfully created each of us and we are each His unique design.  We desire to accept all individuals and partner with families, serving as a ministry of peace and support, guiding your child to know God the Father and His Son, King Jesus.  We are currently mainstreaming our "First Class" kids into small groups and kid's worship services accompanied by a "Buddy" to be their friend and guide.  If you have a child who would benefit from a "Buddy" while you attend your own Life Group or Worship service, please contact Cherie Niscavits (; 281/332-2133, ext. 105)