Parent Summit 2014

Saturday, February 08, 2014

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Making Time for What Matters Most

Life is busy.  If not careful, our schedules will consume every spare minute and life will pass by before we realize it.  God has entrusted the next generation to parents and grandparents to show them what it means to live a godward life.  Parent Summit is designed to equip you as parents and grandparents to lead the Next Generation to Love God with all their heart, soul, mind and strength.  Join us Saturday, February 8th and learn to how to create and capture margin in order to invest in what really matters - the lives following you.

Saturday, February 8th

8:30 am - 2:15 pm (lunch included)

Guest Speaker: Alex Kennedy  (Husband, Father & Senior Pastor at Carmel Baptist Church, Matthews, NC)

Seminars being offered:

Milestone 1 - Parent/Child Dedication - Brian & Angela Haynes

Milestone 2 - Salvation and Baptism - Jason & Jaren Nave and Tim & Jamie Hinson

Milestone 3 - Preparing for Adolescence - Daniel & Lynette Salce

Milestone 4 - Purity for Life - Jim & Sue Berreth

Milestone 5 - Rite of Passage - Karl & Beth Kurz

Milestone 6 - High School Graduation - Neel & Michelle Woods

Faith Talks & God Moments - Paul & Marissa Cockrell

Bringing up Boys - Neel & Michelle Woods

Bringing up Girls - John & Nelda Dixon and Mike Smith

Blessing my Kids: Why it Matters - Alan & Jan Hutchins

#leadingyourfamily Through a Connected World - James Roberts

Walking the Path as a Single Parent - Darell Rodgers

Parenting Prodigals - John Eckeberger